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A Must-Do for Family Vacations

How many times have you travelled to a new location or revisited one of your favorite vacation spots, returning home with fresh, fond memories? Likely, you're nodding your head thinking to yourself 'every single time'.

The Carney family recently visited Colorado for their summer vacation and they made a choice I can stand by. They contacted me for a Family Session in Rocky Mountain National Park and not only did we capture some special places they hiked and explored together throughout their time in RMNP, but we all had a B L A S T at our session!

We booked a 1-hour session and it was just the right amount of time to capture the family. I focus on incorporating actions that keep young kids moving and engaged. Bonus: Lots of laughter is easy to come by with the right prompts! These kiddos were so beautiful, well-behaved, and a joy to photograph!

Grandma and Grandpa were able to jump in for a few as well!

What an excellent way to relive your vacation memories for a lifetime of enjoyment!

With options ranging from $100-400+, KWPhoto will design a package that fits your family and your budget. I stand firm in belief that we all deserve excellent family portraits, no matter what!

This hour session flew by for all of us! Mom, Dad, grandparents, three kids, a switch of locations halfway through, racing to beat the storm, and fighting off the swarm of mosquitos that came out with the rain... we HAD SO MUCH FUN!

THANK YOU, Carney Family! It was pure joy spending an hour with you!

A special thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Carney who saved our lives from the mosquitos by supplying us all with mosquito-repellant bands! In true Grand fashion, you took care of all of us!

I encourage you to book a Family Session during your next vacation. With preparation, investment, and session time, you're trading a few hours and a couple hundred dollars to relive your memories time and again, for years to come! Learn more.

I love my job. Thank you for supporting KWPhoto, enabling me to live out my passion. | |

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