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Attn: Musicians and Artists

Every artist has something that differentiates them from the others. It is important that your images and social content reflect that. When you review your portfolio and posts, do you really see yourself in the content? Or are you seeing someone else's vision of you?

Collaborating with the right photographer/videographer is the vehicle that delivers your vision and honors the aspects that set you apart from everyone else.

This is my first studio session in my photography career. It was new and stretched my abilities to the max. I grew.

...and Random Hero also grew. Getting outside your comfort zone has a way of letting you see what you're capable of. In this case, both Random Hero and KWPhoto created a gallery of impressive portraits that accurately reflect the band without compromising my photography style. We both had a vision, we both pushed our limits, and we're all proud of the final product.

Taking photos can feel pretty awkward. Yea? That 'what do I do with my hands' moment kicks in hard for many. No offense, guys, but you seem to get hit with this far worse than girls. ;-) It's my job as the photographer to direct you and guide you beyond that space and elicit genuine emotion through prompting and flattering angles. We'll get through this together.

It is an honor and a privilege to work with artists. When you're ready to shift your content, prepare for a new record/tour, or need to rebrand, I'm here for you. Contact me anytime at

The band featured in this post is releasing a new record and I invite you all to listen and pre-order.

Random Hero tops iTunes "Best Sellers" list with their pre-order release on August 4, 2019.


Kelsey | KWPhoto

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